Vintage Valle Music

Vintage Valle Music is on hiatus due to COVID-19.

CrothersDorisBazzini,Colin StJohns 5Aug2018 (2)

Folk & Dagger

MichaelSalleyBand wJinx2 20Aug2017 (2)The Moravian Band w/Emcee Jinx Miller

ThresholdSingers Jun2018 (2a)

The Threshold Singers

If you’re interested in several of the artists who participate in Vintage Valle Music,  please feel free to check out their music below!

Baird’s Creek Presbyterian Church is located at 2147 N.C. Hwy 194 S, Vilas NC 28692, just 2 miles north of The Original Mast General Store, in Valle Crucis.

Check out Baird’s Creek Presbyterian Church’s Facebook Page

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