Sunday Services
Morning Worship          9:00 am

We have special worship services on Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas

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Worship Service

Wednesday, March 01, 2017


This is a very brief, informal service.  Come as you are from work, from the garden, from home, from the gym, just come for a few quiet moments to prepare yourself spiritually for the season of Lent, approaching Holy Week.  Baird’s Creek Presbyterian Church, conveniently located in Western Watauga County, holds this sacred service at midday to allow members of our community who do not or cannot get out at night an opportunity to join their community in Christ as we all consider Christ’s journey to the cross.  If you are able, please, invite your neighbors to attend.
If a daytime service is not convenient for you, you are invited to attend the same service at Pineola Presbyterian Church, Wednesday evening, at 6 p.m.   The church is located in Avery County at the intersection of Hwy 105/221 and NC 181.



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